Elder Care Journey: A View from the Front Lines (Suny Series in New Political Science)

For millions of Americans caregiving is the new normal. For Laura Katz Olson, a respected researcher of long-term care for the aging, “Elder Care Journey” chronicles the disruption of her world and how it is upended by the ever-increasing long-distance needs of her own mother.
A healthy, Senior Olympics medal winner, Olson s mother is slowly and steadily incapacitated by Parkinson s disease and a gradual loss of vision. Thrust into a long-distance caregiving role, Olson finds her previous academic notions about assisting a frail parent increasingly at odds with the reality of the lived experience. In a narrative full of ah-ha! moments, tears, sighs, and outrage that will be familiar to many, Olson opens a window into the nursing home and home care industries that consume much in the way of taxpayer dollars, but often fail to deliver quality care. Olson s personal story vividly demonstrates not only the overwhelming bureaucratic barriers faced by care-dependent seniors but also their beleaguered adult children s attempts to ensure their parents health, safety, and well-being.”



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